Waterbeach New Town will be a place for people to live, work and play. Rather than follow the traditional house-builders model of build, sell and get out-quick, we want to create and invest in a largely self-sustaining new community. This requires a commitment to doing more than simply meeting housing targets. RLW are driven by long-term investment goals that are married to an overall design objective of beautiful place-making.

1. Neighbourhoods

New and existing neighbourhoods will each have their own character, identity and qualities based on the specific landscape and visual sensitivities of the local context.

Three distinct character areas have been identified comprising of the parkland and lakeside to the North, the Fen Edge and the Barracks.

These are characterised further in our vision document which can be downloaded here.

The new town will have a separate vehicular access to the A10 but the new settlement and the existing village will be linked by attractive and historic causeways experienced on foot, bike or public transport as a sequence or chain of activities and places. The design of these routes will be critical in allowing each neighbourhood to benefit from the advantages (social, economic, recreational, educational, cultural etc.) that the others can offer.

2. Green Space

The landscape will always be at the heart of the new town, providing a range of recreational opportunities to help improve the quality of life for residents of the new settlement and the surrounding area. The masterplan will be designed to incorporate existing natural features such as lakes and woodland.

This wonderful new setting will be crossed by a network of parks which everyone can explore and enjoy. Green corridors will play host to new walking and cycling routes, play spaces for all ages, natural spaces for wildlife and sustainable urban drainage.

3. Car free zones

The RLW development will incorporate ‘Island Superblocks’ within which streets and intersections will be largely closed to traffic. Reducing the provision for vehicles within the islands will free up space for different types of green areas, promote recreational use and essentially make the neighbourhoods more pleasant places to live.

Each Superblock will also feature an “Island Park” that will provide space for the surrounding community to meet, relax and play.



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