We recognise the importance of providing supporting infrastructure alongside housing delivery. We are committed to delivering a safe and sustainable transport network throughout the new town. Our proposals will be based around a new railway station, capacity improvements to the A10 and high-quality cycle corridors.

Railway Station

Waterbeach’s current railway station is at the limit of its current capacity and is located astride a level crossing which is in Network Rail’s highest risk category. The provision of a modern station relocated to the north eastern corner of the village allows the provision of facilities that could not be provided in its existing location. Longer, wider platforms with more cover, together with a bridge linking the platforms including lifts and appropriate wheelchair access will provide significant benefits for passengers.

The new station will have ample cycle parking, bus stops, a taxi drop off area, and car parking to serve the village. This will provide a step change for the environment of the village. Longer term a large car park will be provided once park and ride trips can be attracted directly from the A10. As it gets busier, the relocated station will be staffed so improving the feeling of security.

Please click here to read more about the proposed relocation of the station.


The A10 is a key route, locally linking the historic cities of Cambridge and Ely, and its importance in terms of vehicular access to the new town is well understood. The Ely-Cambridge Transport Corridor Study is ongoing with the objective of identifying an overarching strategy to overcome the constraints on the A10. We expect that the report will be ready in a matter of months, and we will be working with the County Council to help deliver the identified outcomes.

In anticipation of its outcome we have a three-point plan to support the A10

1) The new settlement will deliver a modern high capacity station with plenty of parking capacity to attract car drivers off the A10, freeing capacity for essential car users.

(2) Provide a new bus based park and ride site in line with County Council policy that, together with segregated bus facilities to provide reliable journey times, will further attract car drivers off the A10.

(3) To add to the currently programmed Highways England capacity improvements at the A10/A14 junction. Our proposed improvements have been drawn up in consultation with Highways England and would provide additional free flow capacity and a reduced number of conflict points within the junction to better maintain flow through this key junction.

Our intention is to provide investment in infrastructure early on in the development process. We have already begun work with local and national organisations in the public and private sector to ensure that the development is rolled-out alongside a comprehensive solution on the road.


Better cycling infrastructure has been proven to encourage more people to use bikes and so the second key element will be attractive provision for walking and cycling which will be built into the New Town from the outset. Our aspiration is for the new settlement, and the existing village, to have cycling rates which are at least comparable to, if not better than, those on offer in Cambridge. We will be dedicating as much funding as is necessary to achieve the modal splits for cycling which we consider are achievable.

Cycling will be promoted by:


Attractive and comprehensive networks of dedicated cycle lanes will link all key destinations including the railway station


Shorter more direct links than provided for private car


Central areas will be car-free zones or reduced traffic zones and elsewhere pedestrians and cyclists will have priority on traffic-calmed streets with low speed limits of 20mph.



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