Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some common questions about Waterbeach New Town

A:Urban and Civic were selected in 2014 by the Ministry of Defence to promote the development of the RAF Waterbeach barracks site. RLW represents the land owners adjoining the Barracks to the east.

Combined, the land can deliver upwards of 10,000 homes.

We are both working with South Cambs District Council on a framework that will enable both RLW and Urban and Civic/MOD to work together and deliver an exceptional new town.


A: We estimate that the entire development will take around 20 years to complete.

A: We have an aspiration to provide 40% affordable housing on RLW land at Waterbeach. These will be a range of tenures including social rented and intermediate housing. Affordable rented housing (social housing) is available either through local councils or housings associations. Shared ownership housing schemes allow applicants to buy a share of the property (between 25% and 75%) using a deposit or mortgage. Occupants then pay a low rent on the remaining share to the local housing association.

A: A comprehensive development incorporating the Barracks and land to the East is being promoted by South Cambs District Council in the Local Plan.

The level of need for housing and the advantages of this site as a location for new homes, suggests a much higher figure than from the barracks alone. A significant advantage of the eastern part of the site is the ability to access rail services into Cambridge, with a major part of the sustainability of the scheme being represented by development around the relocated station


A: Clearly the A10 needs infrastructure investment which we are committed to providing. We are currently awaiting the results of the A10 Corridor Study. In the meantime please see here for our proposed improvements

A: No. We are proposing to relocate the station within Waterbeach. We will provide a new station for 8 car trains capable of extension to 12 carriages, new facilities and a several hundred- space car-park. Click here to see our proposals for the new railway station.

A: We considered upgrading the existing station during the preliminary stages of the process. However due to safety, capacity and accessibility concerns it soon became clear that increased use of the station is not an option. Please click here to find out more about the constraints of the existing station and what we propose to do.

A: No. Whilst the rail services from the site may be attractive for some longer distance commuters they will be in the minority and the scheme will primarily serve the Cambridge sub-region. We will also encourage the Council to consider how some of the affordable housing element could be made available to local people and their relatives.


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