We are currently drawing up proposals to come up with a range of neighbourhoods, houses and community facilities within the New Town

Our masterplan document will be released in due course, in which you will be able to find out more detail about our vision. You will be able to look at our masterplan document on the downloads section of this website, but we are also able to email you a copy of the document if you prefer. To be added to the list, please subscribe at the bottom of this page.

We are currently working with South Cambridgeshire District Council and the Ministry of Defence's chosen developers for the Waterbeach Barracks site, Urban & Civic, on Planning Guidance that will help shape the development of the New Town.

In the meantime, here is a summary of our ideas:

To create a self-sustaining new community with a population of perhaps 25,000 people that will open up opportunities to provide the full array of services and amenities that underpin all successful towns.

To deliver a well-connected town and sub-region through sustainable transport infrastructure, based upon high quality cycle, rail and bus enhancements.

To respond to the areas natural assets by embedding waterbodies and mature trees into the structure of the new town.

To create a place that will therefore attract long-term investment and foster the emergence of an enterprising community.

To relieve development pressure on nearby towns and villages.

To create a place for future generations’ needs.

To encourage economic growth by offering opportunities for new and existing businesses to grow.




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