New Town East

A new way of life in the heart of the Fens


Waterbeach New Town East is a bold and ambitious vision for sociable and sustainable living in the heart of the Fens. 

In January 2021 South Cambridgeshire District Council approved plans from RLW Estates for a new community of 4,500 new homes to the north of the village of Waterbeach. 

RLW Estates is a consortium comprising Royal London, Saint John’s College, Cambridge and Turnstone Estates. 

The new settlement will be supported by a relocated Waterbeach Train Station, which is scheduled to be delivered by the Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership and open in 2025. 

2025 is also the year when the first homes in Waterbeach New Town East will be occupied. 

A well connected and vibrant community, designed for people and sustainable living, Waterbeach New Town East will a place where everyone can thrive. 


We believe that people are safer and happier when they feel part of a community and have a sense of ownership over the public spaces that they use. 

Our vision for Waterbeach prioritises spaces for children to play, friends to meet and where neighbours can get to know one another. 

Its community will define the future of Waterbeach New Town East. 


The vision for Waterbeach has been inspired by the need for a sustainable future 

We are committed to creating a community which is built to last, with new low carbon homes and biodiverse open spaces. People, the spaces they curate and sustainable travel options will be at the heart of Waterbeach, not the car. 


Residents of Waterbeach New Town East will benefit from easy and accessible access to their friends, families, jobs and the wider world. 

At the heart of our community will be a new, purpose-built relocated Waterbeach Train Station. This will provide quick access to Cambridge North, Cambridge Central and Cambridge South, linking residents to the main regional employment hubs. 


The successful growth of Cambridge as an international leader in education, science and technology has unfortunately led to the region becoming one of the most unafforable place to live outside of London.

This is why, working with South Cambridgeshire District Council, we will provide more than 1,300 affordable homes.

This will enable local people who would otherwise be priced out of Cambridgeshire to remain in the area that they call home.


We know many people would like to be able to live near the place they work. Less time commuting means more time spent with the people you care about. 

For makers and creators we will be providing flexible workspace throughout the New Town. Alongside this will be co-working hubs, giving people the option to work in an environment outside of the house. 

Alongside this, our sustainable transport links will enable fast access to Cambridge and the surrounding area.