Waterbeach New Town East residents will benefit from a new train station and a street network that prioritises walking, cycling and public transport.

Waterbeach New Town East will be built around the principle of enabling sustainable transport choices. 

From day 1 residents will be able to access a new, purpose built relocated Waterbeach Train Station. This will enable easy access to Cambridge North, Cambridge Central, Cambridge South and beyond. 

The day-to-day trips for many residents will however be within Waterbeach. 

We are committed to making trips to the school and shops as easy as possible for those who want to cycle or walking, whilst ensuring those who require vehicular use for mobility are supported. 

Working with South Cambridgeshire District Council, Cambridge County Council and the Greater Cambridge Partnership we are committed to ensuring that our transport solutions benefit the whole of Cambridgeshire by alleviating congestion and giving people genuine public transport alternatives to the car. 

Connected bike road 2
Connected bus