We share with you a commitment to tackling climate change: the desire to be carbon neutral has been one of the guiding principels for our Vision.

We know how pressing the climate emergency is, which is why all of our homes will be built according to the highest environmental standards, with a strong focus on energy efficiency and water conservation. 

We will include measures such as solar panels, triple glazing and water retention schemes to ensure that Waterbeach is future proofed for generations to come. Residential areas will also have sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) for water run-off. Streets will be tree-lined to create green living areas. 

The Fen landscape supports significant biodiversity, and our vision is committed to enhancing this. We will protect existing high-quality habitats and increase the biodiversity of the existing arable land by creating new habitats for wildlife to flourish. 

A new Fenland park, community gardens & allotments and green corridors will feature extensively throughout the new community, providing opportunities for residents to interact with nature. 

We want to encourage sustainable and active forms of travel wherever possible. This means Waterbeach will always prioritise the needs of cyclists and pedestrians over cars. 

We will also provide new bus services and rail enhancements, with a new railway station to serve the existing village and new residents. 

Sustainable family
Sustainable kids